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Get ready for events with promotional products

What are exhibition and events promotional products? From ruler to desk lamp - your logo could be everywhere in any office. It is difficult to make right decision as to which giveaways to choose and if they are going to serve its purpose. Business gifts can be cheap, good quality and practical. We provide you with wide selection of items that would be perfect for any campaign aimed at offices. Obviously you can use such items as personalised objects present in your company on regular daily basis. That's prestigious, isn't it?

What does the term "promotional products" mean?

In its simplest form, the term is a catch-all phrase for products that are used to affect behaviour or convey a message. But they are really sophisticated tools. Some examples of various ways to use such products are to motivate your salespeople, thank your board of trustees, introduce a new product, get your dealers to load up on more product, reduce on-the-job accidents....

Promotional products usually, but not always bear an appropriate logo, slogan or saying, known as the imprint. There are many different ways a product can be imprinted, depending on the material from which it is made.

Some common methods of imprinting include printing, screen-printing, embossing, embroidery, hot stamping, pad printing, etching, engraving, die-casting, etc. The message itself can be as simple as a company logo or as complex as a mission statement.

By their nature, they are usually sold in quantity and imprinting is rarely done on a single item. And because they are generally purchased in quantities, they usually cost less than the recipient thinks they do, giving them a higher perceived value. How a product is packaged can enhance its perceived value even more.

Certain products have traditionally been used for marketing purposes, and are the products most typically associated with this market. Some of these products include calendars, mugs, pens, T-shirts, bumper-stickers, key-tags, etc. But there is really no limit to the type of product that can be used to communicate a message.

Today, there are literally hundreds of thousands of promotional items, including many high-value items like clocks, crystal, china and watches. Additionally, automotive accessories and desktop products are very popular.

Will the Promotional Exhibition and Events products' price change after I received a written quote?

Logo print services may differ or be down to one only but in many instances the choice is the same in a small quantity order. Setting a date for marketing campaigns every single line of business or line of business would like to have an opportunity of all options of printing services rather than buying order for a larger quantity so if you is in need of a small quantity order we are here to help.

If your promotional actions require a logo application for order in a small quantity you may incur a small charge as a result of set minimum for print and preparation sporadically this renders end solo price per product out of your budget although our collection of Exhibition and Events on many occasions can be ordered in below minimum quantity therefore ( to help with your choice ) we advise to look at extra offered prices for instance for order greater than minimum.

To get the most suitable price which is tailored to achieve your promotional marketing actions do not hesitate to allow us select a well suited way to go for ideally contact us on 056 0366 9587 or email on

We have no hidden charge policy and because of that whichever end price is sent to customers their price cannot be re-quoted even if the prices increase and continually the final price for branded merchandise is a sum of individual price per product preparation charge and depending on the technique printing application price.