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    Showing all 11 products

Promote your brand with promotional calculators

Where to buy promotional calculators? If you think that calculators are boring stuff you must have skipped [brand] offer which includes them in marketing products. Thanks to their variety and practical use they are highly valued products by everyone who purchased them. You can make them even more precious by adding your logo onto them. Here is what to do! Check out for some fancy looking calculators to executive type, from multifunctional calculators to solar powered and many other varieties. You can print company logo to make your business visible to everyone.

What are promotional calculators used for?

Pick any of the available calculators and decide about the printing method you want to have used on them. And there is surely a lot to choose from. GoPrintedItems has prepared a variety of different calculators from really basic ones to complex business tools which are even classified as conference folders. Promotional calculators are simply perfect for any business as they can be used during any and every business meeting and are a perfect giveaway when you want to impress your cooperators. Such products will be highly appreciated especially if you decide to go for the best quality ones and use laser engraving, if you choose those made of metal.

Range of promo calculators

Please remember that today's calculators are far from what we were used to even few years ago. You will be surprised by different shapes your customised calculators can take and ideas that inspired their making. You can go for a calculator mouse pad, a multitool calculator with measuring tape in it or an iPod style calculator. All branded calculators are offered in attractive prices but you need to be aware that the more the calculator is advanced or fancy the more expensive it will be. Fortunately the benefits that accompany your marketing promotions are far bigger that the cost you need to take to get your calculators with logo. The prices start with less then a Pound and reach even 10 Pounds for a professional conference folder where the calculator is just one of its many components. All of these calculators are great idea for your promotional items as you can differentiate between them and award the most appreciated customers with conference folders and treat the lowest cost ones as the first-to-go giveaways ready to be used wherever you are.

Here, at GoPrintedItems, we use different printing techniques. Regardless the customised product you have decided to go for in order to improve your business recognition, you can choose one of the printing methods we offer. In some cases it may not be possible to use the desired method due to technical limitations, but in such case you will be advised about that and our professional team will suggest the best printing method for your items. Here is what you can choose from:
laser engraving which allows to apply a very precise shape of your logo directly onto the surface of the product. This is considered to be the most elegant method but it does not apply colour onto the engraved surface. It is commonly used for all metal products such as pens and leaves permanent engraving along with permanent impression of style and good taste.
Screen printing which is the most common and widely used technique in terms of colour application to any products you have purchased.
Dye sublimation by means of which you can apply sublimation ink onto product's surface.
Pad printing which is very popular for rounded objects such as pens. It is also perfect for small applications many examples of which can be found on our website.